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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding, Healing & Balancing The Chakras (All 22 Of Them)

Ultimative Chakras


This ultimate guide to the chakras will help you to better understand all 22 chakras… Yep that's right, we said 22 not just the usual 7 commonly discussed.

You'll also learn the role of each chakra (spiritual and physical), signs that there may be an imbalance and how using aromatherapy and other techniques can help to heal and balance your chakras to improve your well-being, help you feel fantastic and enable you to live life as your best self.

New to chakras?

The first chapter is designed for beginners, to help bring you up to speed quickly and give you a fundamental knowledge of chakras.

Already have a good understanding of chakras? You might want to skip the first chapter and head straight to the section of choice to find the information you are looking for, quickly and easily.